Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An alien

الدنيا ليل غربة ومطر .. غربة ومطر

وطرب حزين.. رجع تقاسيم الوتر

An update!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some likes it cold

after a long summer sleep she is back

so I have witnessed the near death experience of my plant!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

In My Dream (I mean nightmare)

I cycle past this wall everyday on my way home from work.. I admire the artwork (click on the picture to see it bigger). But one night I had a nightmare about the slimy green guy with tiny spidery legs that looked like the the flower petals from this plant that I saw the same day in my doctors waiting room :)
do I win the 1st place in the Weirdest dream contest or what?

Friday, August 14, 2009

بالأمس مرَّ أوّل الطّيور فوقنا ، ودار دورتين قبل أن
يغيبَ ، كانت كلُّ مرآة على المياه فردوساً
من الفسفورِ – يا حدائق الفسفور والمرايا
أيّتها الشمس التى توهّجتْ واهترَأت
فى جسد الغياب ، ذوبى مرّة أخيرةً ،

The Sea

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thai Chicken Salad :)

Yesterday my driving instructor (Rob) gave me a recipe for Thai salad and I made it for dinner oh my .. really delicious!!
if you want to try it some time here is the recipe

Egg noodles
Chicken breast
Bean sprouts
Sweet chili sauce
Fish sauce


Cashew nuts
One red chili mainly for adding nice color

So you cut chicken to small pieces
and marinate it in the sweet chili sauce for 1 hour

after one hour you make the noodles
and let it to cool a bit the you add the Bean sprouts+ coriander+mint and cashew nuts + little red chili(cut small)
you then use 3 table spoons of chili sauce and 2 table spoons of fish sauce and 1/2 a lemon to make the sauce for the noodles and mix everything together (strict quantities)

put the marinated chicken in a hot pan to fry (don't add any butter or oil just the juicy chicken)
few minutes until you are happy with the co lour and then you add it on top..

you will love it :)